Art Jamming

Art Jamming can still continue for up to 5 pax, drinks will be given as takeaway!

Frequently Asked  Questions

About the session

What comes with the in-house Art Jamming package?

We are currently running a promotion at $50 nett/2 pax and $28 nett/1 pax for a  3 hour session, inclusive of drinks.

Is it a guided session?

Nope! As the name suggests, it's a free-an-easy 3h session - a session for you to
unleash your creativity on a blank canvas :)

What are the materials provided?

Reference pictures, e-guide sheet, blank canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, stationery,
palette knives, sponges & apron..

What are the canvas sizes available?

We have 30x40cm, 40x50cm and 50x50cm canvas available. Our in-house promotion
throws in a free upgrade to 40x50cm canvas. Further canvas upgrades to 50x50cm size are at $2/piece.

Can/Do I have to bring my painting home?

A hair dryer is available to dry your painting. Do bring your paintings home - a perfect
souvenir of your Art Jamming here - or they will be discarded thereafter!

Am I able to hang around to wait for my friends or kids?

Café de Paris reserves the right to only admit the number of paying pax into our art jamming area.
In the event where non-paying customers enter our art jamming area, we reserve the right to stop all your art jamming activities without refund due to current safe
distancing measures enforced. 

Are kids allowed?

Is the activity kids-friendly?

Kids 10 years old and below have to be accompanied by

1 paying adult as our sessions are unguided.

Non-art jamming customers may wait
for your kids/friends up to 90 min in the cafe during peak hours, but must dine in with food & drinks.

Do you provide a carrier for the paintings?

We sell gift bags at $1.50/pc, subjected to availability.

Do I enjoy F&B discounts when I art jam?

Yes! Mention to our counter staff that you're an art jamming customer to get 10% off regular priced F&B items:)

What if I am unable to complete my painting within 3 hours?

You may extend your session at $8/pax/hour, subjected to seats availability OR You may come back on a weekday for $18/pax for 3hours to continue the same
painting. Do make reservations via WhatsApp msg at 9357 6108!

Do I have to keep my masks on at all times?

Masks must be worn at all times when you're not eating or drinking. In the event where masks are not worn, we reserve the right to stop all your art jamming activities without refund due to current safe distancing measures enforced. We wouldn’t want you to get fined $$ for this! Thank you for playing your part in ensuring a safe environment for all :)

Making reservations

How do I make an Art jamming reservation?

Make your reservations through our online systemAccurately indicare if you are using our in-house Art Jamming promotion or for Applications (Apps)/Vouchers. If you are using Applications (Apps)/Vouchers, please only select the dates that your voucher is applicable for or a surcharge of $5/pax will be charged. For continuation of painting session, please WhatsApp msg 9357 6108. Kindly read the T&Cs.

What is the cancellation/postponement policy?

Once reservation is made, no cancellation is allowed under less than 10 days of notice excluding the reservation day (eg if your reservation is on the 20th, kindly cancel by the 10th).

For all changes to reservation timings, please WhatsApp 9357 6108 by 12pm, 2 days in advance if <5 pax or 3 days in advance if 5-6 pax, (ie if your appointment is on Sat, please make changes by Thurs/Wed 12pm), or the full price will be charged to you as the slot has been reserved for you.

To cancel more than 10 days before your reservation date, do not cancel on the portal, please WhatsApp 9357 6108.

No cancellation and postponement is allowed if reservation made is for a time slot less than 2 days (<5 pax) or 3 days (>5 pax) later.

What if I am late?

So sorry, 3 hours will be counted from the time of reservations as our reservations are back to back.

Why do I have to key in my credit card details?

This is to protect Café de Paris in the event of no-shows. No payment will be deducted from your card if you turn up. Payment will be done at the cafe via Nets/PayLah/PayNow.

What happens if I made a reservation but I did not turn up?

In the event that customers do not turn up, full payment will be charged to your card as we have reserved the seats for you & someone else has been deprived of this Art jamming slot :(

Other enquiries

Anything to take note of if I'm celebrating a birthday?

You may choose from our large variety of cake slices, flavours subject to availability.
We provide candles & lighters too. Sorry, but no outside food & drinks are allowed.
If you prefer to bring your own whole cake and will be cutting and eating at our cafe, there will be a service charge of $8 as we will provide the table, plates & forks.
However, if you spend a minimum of $30 nett on food and drinks in our cafe, the service charge of $8 will
be waived. Do note that for Art Jamming customers, there is a further 10% discount on all food and drinks.